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When babies release music: Meet Ciara Jackson of HipHossip

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MY music blog features the face of a baby we called #HipHossipCiara. Baby Ciara Jackson is the daughter of award winning Canadian based R&B artist Chris Jackson and wife Cindy Jackson, a songwriter. I have never met Ciara but left Canada when her mom was still pregnant and at 3 months old she became the face of my world famous blog Ciara in the fashion of new born babies of famous singers releasing music also released a song titled ”Daddy’s Little Girl.” As you know, the trend started with Stevie wonder when his little girl was featured in the hit song “Isn’t she lovely?”, followed by Jay-Z and Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy in her own single with her dad in the single titled “Glory” and we have all these babies singing.

One thing that sets Ciara apart is that she has her own video to go along with her single. In this video, R&B singer Chris Jackson sings about his life in becoming a father for the first time showing clips of Ciara in the entire video and even Ciara doing the singing and cooing at certain points. Ciara Jackson is no doubt a phenomenom on social media. She already has her own group on Facebook at 7 months old and it’s called ”Ciara Jackson Fans (Baby don’t Follow the Crowd, Be a Trendsetter)”.

Ciara has also captured the attention of Facebook fans on the Huggies Diaper page where she got almost a million likes on her famous picture in a sporting outfit pumping her fists. It was definitely hillarious and so unique. Make your baby a star. Feature them in a home made video and be like Ciara. Be a trendsetter. To see more of Ciara’s pictures, visit HipHossip on Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr and also at her father’s website to watch the outstanding video of “Daddy’s Little Girl.” and also her dad’s R&B singing skills and mom Cindy’s songwriting in effect.

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